About us

We started Ensemble with one goal in mind:
Bring back the simplicity and joy to front-end development, and make app development teams exponentially productive.

Ensemble's story

Building highly customizable apps at scale is complex, requires teams of specialized engineers, and takes time. We set out to change that with Ensemble. We've taken cues from our experience building incredibly productive application frameworks at Workday, and re-imagined them into a general purpose platform. Our early customers have validated that Ensemble provides a 20x productivity boost for building multi-platform apps.

Here's how we do it:
Ensemble abstracts away the complexity in programming modern front-ends and makes front-end development what it should be: a design and configure exercise. We are building our own declarative front-end language. With Ensemble you declare everything: widgets, layouts, event handlers, APIs, flows, states and more. These configurations are stored on the server or on CDNs and interpreted on the fly.

We are early in our journey. Stay tuned by signing up here.