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How it works
Define the UI with a simple language
Ensemble provides a domain specific language for defining the UI and the interaction, eliminating most of the front-end code.
Connect to REST and GraphQL APIs
Bind your widgets to API calls with few lines of code to render content, authenticate users, post forms, and more.
Extend as you need
Ensemble comes with all the basic widgets. Additionally, you can use any custom or open-sourced Flutter widget by exposing them for use within Ensemble.
Publish to new or existing Flutter apps
You can use Ensemble clients to build native or web apps, or use the SDKs to add Ensemble pages to your existing apps.
Why Ensemble
Get the full native experience
Ensemble interprets the definition and renders the content natively. No code generation, no webviews.
Push updates instantly
Ensemble stores the UI definition on the server, enabling you to push updates instantly.
Iterate and experiment faster
A/B test different UIs by defining multiple versions and targeting specific audiences.
No Lock-in
Ensemble's runtime is open source. As for the server-side, host your app definition yourself or use our hosting.
Avoid tech-debt cycles
Ensemble runtime libraries implement the latest Flutter so you don't have to worry about upgrading.

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